Keeping safe online

  • Friday, 22nd March, 2024
  • 09:00am

As you may be aware, across the world online scams and attacks are becoming more frequent. We're writing to all of our users to let them know that we are seeing an increase in attempts to attack our servers.

The Keeping Digital Foundation, and Gwiddle, are very well protected against these attempted attacks and we are delighted to confirm that we have not had any data breaches and every attack has been unsuccessful.

If anything was to change, we have procedures in place where attacked servers would shut down to protect your data.

My Keeping Digital Foundation, used to book free spaces to our Gwiddle Clubs, does not involve you creating an account and the database containing your email address is secure.

Gwiddle, our free website hosting service for students, involves students having an account on our Gwiddle Portal. We have taken measures to increase protection on our Gwiddle Portal, but we ask for your help in helping keep your account safe.

You must not share your Gwiddle Portal login details with anyone. Ensure your password is strong, making use of different characters and numbers, and a different password to any of your other accounts.

The Gwiddle website is delivered over an encrypted connection. This encrypts the data you send to Gwiddle and the data Gwiddle sends to you using the internet. If someone was able to externally view your connection to Gwiddle, they would be unable to interpret the data sent. Ensure you see a green padlock in the address bar when visiting our website.

Our support teams are here to support you. If you have any questions on improving the security to your account, please email, or call our team on 01904 900127.

You can change your password by logging in to your Gwiddle Portal account.

We have also recently received a number of messages about fake accounts and websites pretending to be us and targeting our users.

Please know that we only provide our Gwiddle service through our official Gwiddle pages and websites, and will never create duplicates, new accounts or new websites without you knowing.

Our priority is to keep our wonderful community protected. Our teams are doing all they can to report and take down these websites and accounts, but if you do spot one, please report them.

You can get in touch with us at if you are concerned about a potential scam.

Keeping Digital CIC, who run the Gwiddle service, are doing everything they can to protect the Gwiddle brand and to protect the users that use our service.

If in doubt, check our Fraud Prevention page to verify websites, emails and online forms.

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